We run a full-service lettershop to compliment our digital services.  We have the equipment to process almost any piece of mail.  We maintain full subscriptions to our software to get the highest discounts for our clients.  We adhere to strict quality assurance standards to maximize mail deliverability.

Inserting / Metering

Our Facility

We run our own facility in Cromwell, Connecticut.

  • High-speed addressing
  • Automated inserting
  • High-speed folding
  • Personalized / match mailings
  • Digital black and color printing
  • Wafer-seal, tabbing, sticker application
  • Handwork, kitting
  • Literature distribution (see Fulfillment & Distribution)
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
  • Postal sorting, packing, and delivery to a U.S. Postal facility
  • Plant-verified drop shipments for lower postage rates

We run our own facility in Cromwell, Connecticut.  We pride ourselves on being experts in the mail marketing field while offering our services at competitive prices.  If you’re new to direct mail marketing and fulfillment and would like more information, contact us today so we can get your campaign started.